MedCLIVAR is an international network which aims to coordinate and promote the study of the Mediterranean climate.

MedCLIVAR's scientific priorities are:

description of climate past evolution

assessment of climate variability at different space and time scales

understanding the mechanisms responsible for the observed climate variability

identifying trends and providing climate prediction in relation to future emission scenarios.

study of the occurrence of extreme events and climate change impacts


MedCLIVAR Session at EGU 2014 General Assembly
CL5.9 The climate of the Mediterranean region: from basic science to impacts: from basic science to impacts

27 April-2 May 2014

Deadline for abstract submission: 16 January 2014, 13:00 CET

Conference webpage

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MedCLIVAR 2014 Conference
"Understanding Climate Evolution and Effects on Environment and Societies in the Old World region"

23-25 June 2014
METU Cultural and Congress Center, Ankara, TURKEY

Conference webpage

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The MedCLIVAR Newsletter n.5 of 15th January 2014 has been published

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MedCLIVAR has been endorsed by CLIVAR (CLImate VARiability and Predictability) in January 2006 and approved by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in August 2006.

The ESF MedCLIVAR Research Networking Programme runs from May 2006 to May 2011. MedCLIVAR activities such as annual workshops, summer schools and scientists exchange grants are supported by ESF