MedCLIVARMedCLIVAR (*) serves as a scientific network to promote better communication among different scientific disciplines and to develop a multidisciplinary vision of the evolution of the Mediterranean climate through studies that integrate atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial climate components at time scales ranging from paleoreconstructions to future climate scenarios. The program deals with scientific issues including past climate variability; connections between the Mediterranean and global climate; Mediterranean Sea circulation and sea level; feedbacks on the global climate system; regional responses to greenhouse gases, air pollution, and aerosols, as well as regional impacts of climate change.

MedCLIVAR has contributed to scientific progress, new scientific synthesis, the education of a new generation of scientists, and the promotion of awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of regional climate change. To ensure future progress, MedCLIVAR aims to continue acting as a neutral forum in which analysis and prioritization of scientific issues are achieved through open discussion and cooperation is strongly promoted.

(*) Lionello, P., Gacic, M., Gomis, D., Garcia-Herrera, R., Giorgi, F., Planton, S., Trigo, R., Theocharis A.,Tsimplis M.N. , Ulbrich U., Xoplaki, E. (2012) Program focuses on climate of the Mediterranean region Eos Trans. AGU 93:105-106.

ssomot sSamuel Somot is Researcher at the Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM/GAME), a joint research center between Météo-France and CNRS since September 2003 in the Climate and Large-Scales Modelling Group. He obtained his PhD in Physics of the Climate in 2005. His main scientific interest is the understanding of the long-term variability of the Mediterranean Sea and Mediterranean Climate over the last decades and their possible evolution during the 21st century as a consequence of the global climate change. His main tools are atmosphere-only, ocean-only or fully coupled regional climate models dedicated to the Mediterranean study. During the Conference he has been awarded “for his important contribution to the development of regional climate modeling in the Mediterranean region, for his promotion of modeling research within HyMeX and MedCORDEX, and for his active participation to MedCLIVAR activities”.