Hydrobiological Station and Aquarium of Rhodes
17-27 September 2008, Island of Rhodes GREECE

Lecture Title Lecturer Documents
Welcome A. Theocharis ppt presentation
Introduction G. Chronis ppt presentation
Holocene climate changes and societal adaptations: is the past the future? keynote H. Weiss
Climate of the Mediterranean: processes and trends. A1 and A2 E. Xoplaki ppt presentation
Mediterranean Circulation. O1 H. Bryden outline
The role of the Mediterranean Outflow. O2 H. Bryden ppt presentation
On the eventual link between climate observations and climate evolution. A3 O. Mestre ppt presentation
The role of the Straits. O3 J. Garcia-Lafuente outline
The buoyancy forcing (heat and freshwater fluxes). O4 E. Tragou
Oceanography monitoring of the Mediterranean Sea. O5 J. Garcia-Lafuente outline
Homogenization of climate datasets. A4 O. Mestre
Large scale atmospheric circulation and the Mediterranean climate. A5 V. Pavan ppt presentation
Observed changes in water-mass characteristics. Changes in intermediate and deep water formation. O6 V. Zervakis ppt presentation
Weather systems and Cyclones in the Mediterranean. A6 and A7 I. Trigo ppt presentation
How are the observed changes forced? O7 V. Zervakis
The EMT, where, how and why? O8 A. Theocharis ppt presentation
Reconstructing and simulating past climate variability. A8 F. Gonzalez-Rouco ppt presentation
Observed sea level variability in the Mediterranean. O9 M. Tsimplis outline
Forcing of sea level variability. O10 M. Tsimplis outline
Precipitation and Temperature extremes in the Mediterranean. A9 and A10 C. Goodess ppt presentation
Wave changes. O11 P. Lionello ppt presentation
Extreme sea levels and waves. O12 P. Lionello ppt presentation
Ocean Circulation and Heat Content in millennial climate simulations. A11 F. Gonzalez-Rouco ppt presentation
Atmosphere-Ocean coupling: the Mediterranen. O13 S. Somot
Vulnerability - a concept to quantify damages from environmental changes. impacts W. Cramer
Vulnerability of Mediterranean ecosystems due to climate change and water scarcity. impacts H. Hoff ppt presentation
The effect of largest daily events on soil erosion and sediment transport. side event J. Gonzalez-Hidalgo ppt presentation

Title Author-Presenter
Evros river water discharge response to changes in rainfall regime Aikaterini Karditsa
Modelling Mediterranean Climate using a Coupled Regional Climate Model Alberto Elizalde
The impact of the recent climate change on forest stand productivity along an altitudinal gradient in Central Italy Alfredo Di Filippo
Homogenization and analysis of climatic series Andrea Toreti
Combined high resolution climate – hydrology simulations in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Upper Jordan catchment Andreas Heckl
Seasonal and interannual variability of the Mediterranean outflow in the Strait of Gibraltar Antonio Jesus Sanchez Roman
Climate change scenario and water/nutrient balance response in a semi-arid catchment (Merguelli l-Tunisia) Aziz Abouabdillah
The Marseille tide gaude: Recovery and analysis of high frequency sea level data from 1885 Camille Letetrel
Climate-driven changes in density stratification, nitrogen source and plankton food webs in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Cecelia Hannides
Regional climate change projections for Eastern Mediterranean: Preliminary results Deniz Bozkurt
NAO-drought connections and their impact on Eastern Mediterranean tree growth Dimitrios Sarris
Contribution to the study of temperature regime in the Mediterranean using a Regional Climate Model Eftychia Rousi
Hydrological impacts of climate change on catchment response in the Mediterranean region Emanuela Bruno
Analysis of a 44-Year Hindcast for the Mediterranean Sea: Comparison with Altimetry and In Situ Data Enrique Vidal-Vijande
Hydroclimatology of East Black Sea Mountain Region Faize Saris
Modelling early Holocene sapropel formation in the eastern Mediterranean Fanny Adloff
On the continuity and climatic variability of the meteorological stations in Torino, Asti, Vercelli and Oropa (Piedmont, Italy) Fiorella Acquaotta
Homogenization of daily temperature data for detecting heat waves in the Mediterranean Environment Franz Kuglitsch
An assessment of sea level trends in Greek waters during the last three decades George Alexandrakis
Estimation of heat stress of the human body during an extensive heat wave event in a Mediterranean coastal area George Katavoutas
Biogeochemical evidence for late climatic variability in the Aegean Sea during the formation of Holocene sapropel S1 Giorgos Katsouras
Capturing temperature extremes in millennial length tree-ring chronologies Giovanna Battipaglia
Idealised modelling of the Mediterranean outflow using a next-generation ocean model Hanna Hiester
The influence of climate change on the Adriatic Sea meteotsunamis Jadranka Sepic
Three-Dimensional Evolution of Large Amplitude Internal Waves in the Strait of Gibraltar Jose Carlos Sanchez Garrido
Sea level variations in the Mediterranean Sea Jose Maria Sanchez Reales
Abrupt changes observed in the deep Western Mediterranean Sea between 2004 and 2006 Katrin Shröder
Assessment of changes in climate, extremes and associated sectoral impacts using high resolution regional climate model scenarios for the Eastern Mediterranean Konstantinos Varotsos
Analysis of the energy and mass balance of the Mediterranean Sea in a climate model simulation Letizia Congedi
The importance of ship log data: reconstructing North Atlantic, European and Mediterranean Sea Level Pressure back to 1750 Marcel Küttel
Influence of the West African monsoon on the summer Mediterranean climate Marco Gaetani
Tools for evaluation of extreme wave in the Mediterranean Basin Maria Barbara Galati
Low Frequency Variability and the Eastern Mediterranean Teleconnection Pattern Maria Hatzaki
Daylight Climatology in Athens, Greece: Types of diurnal variation of illuminance levels Marina Markou
Impact of interannual variability and climate change on dense water cascading in the Gulf of Lions Marine Herrmann
Feedbacks of Mediterranean anthropized land-use on the regional and global climate Matteo Zampieri
Dynamical downscaling of the ECMWF experimental seasonal forecasts Mirta Patarcic
The use of the regional climate model PRECIS over the Central Mediterranean Area Noel Aquilina
Assessment of zones vulnerable to pollution caused by nitrate and seawater intrusion: The case of Apulia region (Italy) Ons Oueslati
Stalagmites from Turkey: Potential climate proxies for the Holocene Ozan Mert Göktürk
Estimation of Return Levels of Extreme Waves Incorporating Non-Stationarities Panagiota Galiatsatou
Coral Li/Ca in micro-structural domains as a temperature proxy Paolo Montagna
The effect of data processing methods on the detection of warming and salting trends in the Western Mediterranean Patricia Zunino
Analysis of the tropopause extreme values with radiosounding data Paul Aizpurua Velasco
Teleconnections between the Indian Monsoon and the Mediterranean Sea as simulated by a coupled General Circulation Model Roxy Mathew
21st Century Climate Scenario for the Mediterranean Climate and the Mediterranean Sea using a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Regional Climate Model Samuel Somot
Diet of the invasive piscivorous fish Fistularia commersonii in a recently colonized area of Eastern Mediterranean Stefanos Kalogirou
Northeastern Mediterranean climate and zooplankton variability Tiziana Peluso
Profiling Float Observations in the Aegean Sea Vassilios Vervatis