La Londe les Maures , Toulon, FRANCE
8-10 October 2007

Session 1. Reconstuction of past climate teleconnections
  • M. Kuettel: An improved North Atlantic, European and Mediterranean Sea level pressure reconstruction 1750-1850 ppt: download
  • E. Xoplaki: Winter Mediterranean temperature and precipitation back to 1750: the large-scale sea level pressure and ENSO influences
  • V. Altava: Monthly rainfall behaviour in central and western Mediterranean basin, from 1850 to 2004
  • P. Yiou: Climate proxies from French historic archives (the OPHELIE ANR project)
  • Y. al-Fenadi: Temperature variability and trends in North Libya from 1961 to 1990 ppt: download
Session 2. Teleconnections with mid-latitude systems
  • R. Trigo: Weather driven natural hazards in western Mediterranean; the role of storm tracks, blocking episodes and NAO ppt: download
  • J. C. Gonzalez-Hidalgo : Spatial overlapping areas of several teleconnection indices on Spain's Mediterranean facade according to Spring rainfall ppt: download
  • A. Douguedroit: Teleconnections between significant decreasing precipitation and Atlantico-European circulation in the Mediterranean (1951-2000)
  • T. Salameh: Statistical Downscaling of Near-Surface Wind over Complex Terrain in Southern France ppt: download
  • U. Ulbrich: Relation of variability patterns and mediterranean cyclones
  • P. Alpert : Teleconnection and the horizontal scale?
  • J. Jacobeit : Links of the Mediterranean oscillation to mid-latitude and tropical climate dynamics ppt: download
  • E. Black : The relationship between Atlantic and European circulation patterns and Middle East rainfall
  • F. d'Andrea: Hot European Summers: the propagation of Mediterranean drought ppt: download
  • M. Gaetani: Jet stream and seasonal anomalies in the Mediterranean ppt: download
  • B. Ayarzaguena: Impact of interannual variability of stratospheric final warmings on the anomalous spring rainfall regime in the Mediterranean region pdf: download
Session 3. Teleconnections to tropical systems
  • P. Drobinski: Presentation and discussion on the HyMeX Project (Mediterranean Hydrological cycle experiment)
  • I. Blade : The dependence of the structure of the NAM (Northern Annular Mode) on the polarity of ENSO: impact in the Mediterranean sector.
  • H. Saaroni: The circulations and mechanismes governing the Summer temperature variations in the Eastern Mediterranean ppt: download
  • B. Ziv: Regional and global scale patterns associated with rainfall anomalies in Israel ppt: download
  • J. Pinto: The role of ex-hurricanes on extreme precipitation events over the Western Mediterranean: an update based on ERA40 data pdf: download
Session 4. Teleconnections and the Mediterranean circulation
  • M. Tsimplis : Teleconnections (?) of Mediterranen sea level
  • C. Langlais: Interannual variability of the exchanges between the shelf and the open sea in the Gulf of Lions
  • M. Herrmann: Impact of atmospheric forcing and ocean model resolutions on open-ocean convection: case study of winter 1986-87
  • A. Harzallah : A nested ocean model for the Sicily strait with zooming on Tunisia coastal areas pps: download
  • S. Josey: Relationship between Mediterranean Sea air-sea exchanges and large scale patterns of atmospheric variability
  • V. Artale: Analysis of The Mediterranean Overflow in Climate Models. The role of the overflow account in the thermohaline circulation and in particular in the Mediterranean Sea
  • A. Voelker: Mediterranean outflow strengthening during northern hemisphere coolings: a salt source for the glacial Atlantic? pdf: download
Session 5. Teleconnections in modelling
  • H. Paeth: Regional dynamical downscaling of Mediterranean climate - climate change perspectives ppt: download
  • L. Li: Scale interaction in a regional Mediterranean climate simulation pdf: download
  • S. Krichak: Assessing mechanisms of future climate trends over the E. Mediterranean region based on results of multiple RCM simulations pdf: download
  • S. Calmanti: A Regional System for climate change assessment in the Mediterranean region: preliminary results pdf: download
Session 6. Impacts of Climate Change
  • M. Ahmed: Climate change effects on coastal resources and marine environment of Egypt
  • N. Donia: Effect of climate change on water resources in Egypt
  • Posters
  • A. Ramos: Synoptic patterns leading to extreme temperatures over Portugal
  • D. Barriopedro: Climate impacts over the Mediterranean basin associated with blocking occurrence
  • T. Harpaz: Atmospheric conditions in the eastern Mediterranean during extreme summer events - preliminary results
  • M.C. Llasat: Trends and anomalies of the regional precipitation in Spain along the 20th century
  • M.B. Galati: Influence of teleconnection patterns on the Mediterranean marine wave height distribution pdf: download
  • J. Garcia-Serrano: Summer-Fall tropical precipitation related to Mediterranean SST anomalies pdf: download
  • E. Sanchez-Gomez: Weather regimes and local climate on the Mediterranean basin
  • M. Kageyama: Mediterranean climate changes in glacial times and their links with global change: a model study
  • V. Guemas: Circulation regimes and sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic
  • A. Ullmann: Atmospheric conditions associated with sea surges in the Gulf of Lions: contemporary and future variability pdf: download
  • S. Queralt: Atlantic influence on western mediterranean mesoscale convective systems

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