WCRP Open Science Conference (WEB)
Denver, CO, USA, 24-28 October 2011


  • Session C4: "Meeting the Needs for Integrated Climate Science, Information and Capacity
  • Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in Europe"
  • Conveners: V. Pope, C. Goodess, M. Beniston, P. Lionello


Cluster of posters:

Author: Piero Lionello, Annalisa Tanzarella
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
A project for coordinating and promoting the study of Mediterranean Climate”

Authors: M.Reale, K.Nissen, P.Lionello, U.Ulbrich
"MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Cyclone climatology in the Mediterranean region: comparison of two existing algorithms for cyclone tracking"

Authors: L.Congedi, M. Collins , D.Hemming, P.Lionello
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Flood risk maps: on the link between the precipitation data and the flood events in the Mediterranean region.”

Authors: Chronis, Themis, Raitsos E., Dionysios, Kassis Dimitris and Sarantopoulos Athanassios
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
The summer North Atlantic Oscillation influence on the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Authors: D.Gomis, M. Tsimplis, M. Marcos, L. Fenoglio-Marc, B. Pérez, F. Raicich, I. Vilibic , G. Wöppelmann, S. Monserrat and G. Jordà
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Sea Level Rise and its Forcing in the Mediterranean Sea”

Authors: M.C. Alvarez-Castro, D. Gallego, P. Ribera
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Meteorological Database Over The Mediterranean Sea Through Old Royal Navy Logbooks.”

Authors: T. Losada, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, F. Kucharski
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Tropical Influence on the Summer Mediterranean Climate”

Author: Katrin Schroeder
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Thermohaline variability in the western Mediterranean Sea”

Authors: Gouveia C., Trigo R.M., Beguería S., Vicente-Serrano S.
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Drought Impacts on Vegetation Dynamics in the Mediterranean Region”

Author: M.C. Llasat
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Plinius 11 Conference on Mediterranean Storms”

Author: Leopoldo Carro-Calvo
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Mediterranean winter precipitation fields reconstruction back to AD 1700 using Neural networks”

Authors: A. Toreti, E. Xoplaki, I. Smith, P. Naveau, and J. Luterbacher
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Extreme precipitation in the Mediterranean: statistical characterization and associated large-scale atmospheric circulation”

Authors: E. Garcìa-Bustamante, J.F. Gonzalez-Rouco, J. Navarro, E. Xoplaki, P.A. Jimenez, J.P. Montavez
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Relationship between North Atlantic atmospheric circulation and surface wind and wind power in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula: uncertainty and long term downscaled variability”

Authors: F.G. Kuglitsch, A. Toreti, E. Xoplaki, P.M. Della-Marta, C.S. Zerefos, M. Türkes, and J. Luterbacher
“MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean Climate Variability.
Temperature Data Homogenization and its Impact on Heatwave Changes in the Eastern Mediterranean”